5 Best Blogs and Resources for Entrepreneurship Education

These are the 5 best entrepreneurship education websites.

There are many resources on the web about entrepreneurship education.  In most cases, entrepreneurship is from the School of Hard Knocks, but these blogs will help you on your way.

A recent article on Bloomberg Business poses the question that many entrepreneurship education programs get it wrong.  They suggest that the education portion is mostly success stories, rather than an education on the hard grind that it will take to actually make it.  A widely cited number is that 90% of companies do not even make it to their 5th year.  The Bloomberg article is here: http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/articles/2013-08-08/entrepreneurship-education-is-hot-dot-but-too-many-get-it-wrong

Number 5: Business Management’s List of Downloadable Books:


Number 4: Kauffman Foundation is one of the most comprehensive organizations focused on entrepreneurship.


Number 3: Wharton’s Entrepreneurship Blog


Number 2: Jerome Katz’s Entrepreneurship Blog


Jerome Katz Blog on Entrepreneurship Education
Jerome Katz Blog on Entrepreneurship Education

Number 1: BlueIron IP’s Blog about Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property


BlueIron IP's Blog about Entrepreneurship and Education
BlueIron IP’s Blog about Entrepreneurship and Education


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